Wildlife Population

Welcome to Washington – a beacon for a diverse population of wildlife in their natural terrain, living together in one big ecosystem. The state is home to several different ecosystems, including freshwater, marine and forest terrains. Throughout Washington there are several populations and species of animals, most notably elk, white tail deer, black bear, coyotes and wild turkeys, with more than 140 species of mammals, 341 bird species and 21 species of reptiles in total.

These different ecosystems converge on the beautiful Washington state landscape, with many of the species being migratory, moving through different parts of Washington. For the marine wildlife, you’ll often find that these species make the waters outside of the state border their home. And many of the birds that live in Washington migrate with the seasons, to warmer climes in winter.

And that’s not all that Washington offers by way of their wildlife population, with more species being catalogued and added regularly. Residents have the privilege to bask in this wildlife diversity, and outside travelers come from all around the world to see all of the beautiful animals that the state has to offer. There are some definite hotspots for those looking to take in this wildlife, which include the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound, Wenatchee Mountain, the Colombia River Gorge and the Colombia Plateau. While each species in Washington is equally important to the entire balance of wildlife, some of the most notable foundations of Washington wildlife are the Orca whale, the Marbled Murrelet, the Striped Whipsnake, the Oregon Spotted Frog and the Gray Wolf.