Habitat Awareness

Wildlife Habitat Donations Are Appreciated
Are Appreciated

As a non-profit organization, we are completely dependent on the generosity of individuals, companies, and other organizations that support wildlife conservation efforts. All donations are used to support natural, bio-diverse habitats, and often thanks to scientific research used to highlight problems and construct solutions. Our focus area is north central Washington, home to some of the richest and most bio-diverse habitats in the US. Tonasket is also of the last great expanses of wildlife habitat in Washington. However, as we grow and expand, we hope to use our information and resources to promote wildlife conservation to the greatest extent we can.

Every contribution that you make to Wildlife Habitat – Green Energy will be:

– Tax-deductible

– Scientifically Beneficial

– Results-oriented

– Appreciated

– Life-Granting, for Many Animals

By donating to Wildlife Habitat – Green Energy, you can help to protect our corner of the earth and the creatures who call it home.

If you are interested in giving a more specific donation, please keep in mind that we are affiliated with other sponsored initiatives such as the National Wild Turkey Federation Project. The Rio Grande Wild Turkey has been practically wiped out, due to human settlements and habitat loss. This project examines population abundance and habitat use to find solutions to the ever-decreasing numbers of Rio Grande Wild Turkey. Your support is critical in keeping the turkey and pheasant as a part of the US landscape. If you wish to support the turkey and pheasant populations and help them recover from endangered status, click on our donate icon. We appreciate your generosity and good will.